Just a New Dad Dealing with Pregnancy

If you havent read my most recent post or cant tell by the title of this post, I’m going to be a daddy, a papa, a dadadada and when he/she turn’s 16 I’ll be a “I hate you DAD”, and a “You’re so annoying”.. If you can’t tell how excited I am yet let me just say I’ve already started writing my own dad jokes and working on my dad bod and practising my coughing (dad’s always do that clearing of the throat cough, ya know?), just to put it into perspective for you.

So I guess this post is just a little update of how I’m going with everything, especially anxiety and nerves because they’re fucking me up at the moment it’s not even funny, well it’s a bit funny because I’m the only one stressing out. My girlfriend is all calm and excited and I’m over here doing all this crazy research to try and see if my lil peanut is okay in there.

Righto so the whole anxiety thing. So we are abouttttttt – wait just let me get the app up – okay so we are 12 weeks and 3 days at the moment, we had a 2 second scan the last time we were at the doctors, funny story that. So we recently changed doctors (About 2 weeks ago) and we thought we were just going in to meet him and book in for our 12 week scan. So just before we head there Jess is like “Man I have to pee”, so she pee’d and if you guys didnt know, your’e supposed to have a full bladder to get a good picture on the Ultra Sound. So we get there and the doctor goes, “okay lets have a look at the little one” and Jess and I both just look at eachother like “Woooooowww” it was pretty funny. Anyway we get the scan and we could still see bub swimming around and the little heartbeat, which was the coolest thing ever. Okay I went off track a little bit.. Yeah so we have our 12 week scan in 3 days and I just cant stop thinking about it, like what if somethings wrong and we dont know or – fuck me I dont even wanna go into it, just makes me super sad but anyway yeah, thats my feelings at the moment. I’m super nervous, I just want my little baby to be as healthy as possible, IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK GOD DAMMIT. – side note: It is normal to have these feelings right? Like I’m not crazy for stressing out?

Another thing I’ve been doing is a fuck load of research of Do’s and Dont’s and not for my behalf, but more for Jess and what she can do to help the pregnancy and to keep bub nice and healthy and I low-key think I’m over doing it a bit, and I do feel bad because I dont know what shes going through and all that but I get frusturated sometimes when she doesnt drink enough water or doesn’t eat quality food, YEAH I KNOW I’M A PIECE OF SHIT, but before you get mad at me just know I’m only doing it for her own good and I do know I’ve been a bit over the top so I’m taking the back seat with it all know it’s just.. you know, I want my baby nice and healthy.

One thing I love doing is reading all the new mum post’s on different forums and learning about what’s happening week by week with the pregnancy. As of now the baby is the size of a Kiwi Fruit and weighs about 23 grams, according to the app – How cool right – cant wait to be able to feel the baby kick and move around!

This was justa short little post, I’ll do another little update on Thursday with how the scan went and how I was all worried for nothing lol – Anyway I do want to hear back from you guys – mum’s and dad’s! Or anyone even! Any tips for a new mum and dad? and tell me some of your stories about your first little one!

Thanks For Reading!


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