My Big Epiphany




Don’t you just love it when life decides to round house your ass out of nowhere? yeah me to and that is literally what happened to be about 3 weeks ago. Allow me to ellaborate…

So as some of you are aware I have recently bought a house (yay me) and had nearly 2 months of work (even bigger yay), which is a long time at home considering the fact that I work a fly in fly out job and am only home 1 week out of every 3 weeks, so 7 WHOLE weeks at home was the best thing ever.

Anywhoooooo – after my time off I had to fly back out to work and thats when it happened….


Yep. day 1 of 14 and I wanted to come home and never come back. It sucked ass. To make matters worse I felt like I couldnt talk to anyone about it because no one would understand the position I was in. I didnt know how I’d be able to leave the job and find another job that allows me to be home every night and still make enough money to survive, it was rough. I still feel like shit knowing I have to go back to work in a few days for another 2 weeks.

But one good thing came out of it. I finally said to myself “Callum what the fuck? If you really want to come home that much then just do it. You’re not a stupid person you’ll be able to find a way to make it work. Making money doesn’t mean shit if you aren’t happy, don’t be that guy…”

So now im busting my ass to find a way to study and work back locally so I can finally have my life back and start enjoying everyday instead of being miserable when I am away and it feels so good knowing my time working away is nearly up as long as I find something back at home.

Short little write but there may be someone out there that needed to read this, or is on the verge of making a tough decision that may seem impossible. So if that is you! Read the next couple of sentences very carefully.

Fuck what anyone else thinks, you live your own life and you should be following your dreams and living your life to the absolute fullest. Dont let anyone hinder your life choices, you never know when your time is up so chase your dreams and don’t second guess anything, ever!

Thanks for listening.

– Callum

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