Hustling Hard While You’re Younger – The Right Choice


So we all want to be able to enjoy life don’t we? Yeah I’d imagine we do. But what about the fear of money? Or if you’re going to be able to afford a house, or support your family when it comes to that. This has always scared me and this is why I made the conscious decision to hustle hard while im young. I’ll give you a bit of  a back story and then explain what my plan is and then you can either tell me I’m smart or a fucking potato. I generally like the way I am going about life but who knows.


So I’m 22 at the moment, 23 in a few months. I currently work away from home. I fly out for 2 weeks and then fly home for a week and so on. During my 2 weeks away at work I am at work for 12 hours everyday, this equates to about 168 hours of work, so about 84 hours a week. Working away suck ass if you’re like me and miss the fuck out of your family, sometimes it gets really hard having to leave them behind. Dont get me wrong, I enjoy the work I am doing up here, it’s just that having to say goodbye to the family when I have to leave makes me question whether it is all worth it. I have I goals want to achieve, I want to pay off my house before 30, I want to be married within 2 years and have kids on the way, BUT I also want to be able to live a comfortable life and be able to enjoy shit, not have to worry about money and having to live paycheck to paycheck, ya feel?


Now, you’re probably thinking “Yeah, but Callum.. Money isn’t everything ya bloody idiot”. Yes thankyou for that, I do understand that and this is where my views differ from people who choose to enjoy their younger years travelling and partying. You ready? Okay here we go.


Reason Number One – Less Responsibilities

Fewer responsibilities = more time to get shit done ← In my opinion anyway. Think about it like this, you’re 35 and you have a wife and two young children, and every time you have to get up and leave the house to go to work early in the morning they are crying because they don’t want you to go to work. All you want to do is to stay at home and watch cartoons with them and eat cereal, but.. Because you need to support your family, you have to go to work. FUCK THAT. If I have to work flat-out like this after I am 30 I will fucking hate myself. Working my ass off now while I’m younger and have fewer things to worry about means I can actually get this stuff done so that by the time I start a family I can be home all the time and spend as much time with them as possible and not have to stress about having enough money to buy them the latest PlayStatation or doll. Does that make sense?


Reason number Two – Can still do other things

You see this plenty of times, Older people get trapped in jobs they fucking hate just because they need the money to able to support themselves. I feel for these people because you should never have to work in a job you hate just to keep yourself afloat, it is not good for the soul. By working hard younger I feel as though I’m not stuck in this job, if I get sick of it and i want to try something else I still can do that and not have to worry about getting stuck. So I work away and I also study Psychology/Criminology, So when I am done working away from home I have a plan B, The older generation stuck in this ‘having to work’ lifestyle aren’t able to do stuff like that because there just isn’t enough time or it doesn’t seem worth it, it would just be easier to work in a job they hate and make the money they need. If you are reading this and this is you, I want you to say “Fuck It’ and go work your absolute ass off and get what you want!


Reason number Three – More Time 

I guess this reason ties into the first reason a little bit, but the best thing about hustling while you’re younger is that there is so much time for you to get your shit sorted and you can make the choice of when you’re ready to get shit done. Most people get married and have kids and what not in their late 20’s right? So think about if you work hard from when you finish school to when you want to settle down, That’s 10 Fucking years! 10 years to build your empire with no worries, no fear of failure, no stress – that’s a lie, there’s still a lot of stress that goes into all of this… But you know. If you put your heart and soul into something, after 10 years you could have everything you’ve every dreamed of. Unless of course you want to go out drinking and clubbing every weekend..


I still question whether I have made the right choice every now and then. Am I going to get to 50 and regret not living my prime years like the other people my age? I don’t think so, Most of the people I know my age dont have the same goals as me, which is fine. So I dont think I’m missing out on much by not travelling by myself and living it up on a Contiki tour, I’d much rather travel with my wife and kids – DISNEYLAND!!!

My big thought is just that if I can do this now, work hard and build my empire while I do have to time, I will be able to reap the reward later on in life when everyone else is out there working long hours to fight the stresses of not having enough money. but who knows. Maybe I’m just an idiot.

So if you ask me, Hustle while you’re younger! Set some goals and get your shit sorted before you have to really worry about being an adult. By the time you get there you wont have to stress as much as everyone else because you’ve already put in the hard work so now you’re able to ride the wave you created and enjoy the fuck out of life!!

Tell me your thoughts! What are you working towards? What are your goals?  what do you wish you did differently? Leave a comment below and lets talk! 

– Callum


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3 thoughts on “Hustling Hard While You’re Younger – The Right Choice

  1. Thesacredspaceap 6th Apr 2019 — 5:26 pm

    These memes are everything. I 100% agree with you. I wouldn’t want to be working full time past my 50s I want to retire early and enjoy my life so we have to put in the work now!
    Thank you for a great read.


    1. So glad someone is on the same page as me, hustle hustle hustle, it’ll be worth it! 🥳🥳

      Liked by 1 person

  2. This was exactly what my boyfriend and I were talking about the other day – that’s why we’re grinding so hard now. We are younger and have more energy and enthusiasm so I figured I may as well take advantage of that. Nice post! – Sam

    Liked by 1 person

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