Setting Goals Like a Boss

Do you ever feel like a plastic bag – drifting through the wind wanting to start agai…. That song is my jam!! Sorry, I get distracted really easily if you couldn’t tell.. Okay – So do you ever feel like you just exist? you don’t have any idea what you want out of life or where you see yourself in 10 years? We’ve all been there, trust me.ย 


This is where Goal Settingย comes into play. Think about it like this, you have a massive holiday coming up soon right – Now would you just wing it? or actually plan what you want to do and when you’ll do it? Yeah exactly. Wait… That’s a bad description to be honest, because I’d love to wing a massive holiday that would be amazing. Goal setting is something we should do to help us get what we want though, so just think of it like that. Do you have desires? Then we need to plan this shit out!

So Lets Set Some Mother Fuckin Goals!


First thing’s first peeps – We need to choose what it is we want. So grab your paper and start jotting some points down. Do you want to save for a house ๐Ÿก? Are you going on a holiday soon ๐Ÿ๏ธ? It can be anything, do you want to read 2 books this week?ย 

Righto, so once we have picked something we wantย to achieve, we now have to break it down into smaller goals that are going to help us achieve this major goal.

SOOO, for the more long-term goals that are going to take more than a few months (lets say a year for example) we are going to break it down into a number of smaller goals right so we will use the saving for a holiday to help us. Lets say we need to save $25,000 by this time next year. now we break that down and set a goal for lets sayย 6 months. So obviously we want to have half of that 25k saved up in the 6 months, so write that down. But what else do you want to have done in that 6 months? Do you want to have most of your itinerary planned? Cool, write that down! Don’t forget to jot downย HOWย you are going to get this done too. Righto,ย now that we have our 6 month plan, we want to add aย 1 month plan. You know the drill, jot down what you want to have done in a month. Once you have done this, we now want aย Weekly plan. then finally aย Dailyย plan.

Hows your Plan looking? If it looks all confusing don’t stress too much, the first time I did this kind of goal setting I had writing all over the fucking place. You will find a good format that works for you and is easy to understand.ย 


Most people think goal setting is easy. “Yeah nah just choose something you want and write it down. There. goal setting”… Yeah good job ya genius… The way we have just planned our major goal is the best way. You wont be running around like a headless chicken chasing an end goal. We have daily goals, weekly goals, monthly goals that all contribute to ourย Major Goal.ย As long as we stay on top of our daily goals to achieve our weekly goals etc. we will have that $25,000 saved up without having to stress out.ย 

I like to reward myself for achieving certain milestones, I’m like Scooby-Doo with his Scooby Snacks. Now when I say reward myself I don’t mean after every daily goal… I’m talking more like monthly. But hey if you need to reward yourself daily, go for it. If I treated myself every day for hitting milestones I’d go through 365 tubs of ice cream – Actually come to think of it, I might start rewarding myself everyday if that’s the case.ย 


If you don’t have any long-term goals and you just have a few short-term goals that is completely fine. you can still use the same concept, you just have to adapt for a smaller timeline. Simple.ย 

Trust me, this shit works. I’m not usually one for goal setting because I like to live in the ‘now’. Dont get me wrong I do have goals:

Be married before 25

Have kid’s in the next few years

Own a house by the end of this year

Buy a new carย 

But I want to see how things work out. On the other hand though – If there is something that I really want and has an actual ‘achievement date’ (like my ‘owning a house’ goal) – I will gun hard for it. Plan it out to the point that if I don’t achieve this goal then I’m pretty much a fucking idiot.. So dont think you have to plan out every single thing that goes on in your life, that’s fucking boring.. But for things you are 100% sure about wanting and achieving – Boom, your boy Callum has just hooked you up with the best way to get that shit done, you are very welcome!ย 


  • Choose a major goal!
  • Break that mother fucker down into smaller goals (6 months, 1 month, 1 week, 1 day)
  • Work hard on achieving them damn goals!
  • Reward yourself for hitting milestones – Ice cream, Scooby snacks, a shopping spree – Treat Yo’self
  • Make your goals achievable – BUT don’t make them too easy – that’s not fair
  • Enjoy that feeling when you achieve that end goal – FUCK YEAH!




That there is the Callum way of getting shit done, Take it on board if you think it will help you achieve your goals, tell me to fuck off if you think it wont help, either way I 100% believe in this goal setrting structure and hope you will too!ย 

– Callum




Feature Image Credit: Educator Impact

4 thoughts on “Setting Goals Like a Boss

  1. Extracts of Alex 1st Apr 2019 — 6:00 pm

    Good post. Really liked the start you’ve really got me to engage as a reader very well! One thing I want to ask is,do you believe in five year plans?


  2. Yes! I always break my big goals down into smaller ‘mini-goals’ because they seem so much more achievable in the long run. Great post!
    El |


    1. Makes it so much easier doesnโ€™t it!!
      Thankyou so much for your comment ๐Ÿ˜


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