When Life Gets Tough

We’ve all been here, yes literally everyone will go through this at one point in time or another. So don’t for a second think you’re the only person struggling, I bet my left testicle there is someone (if not, 400 others) in the same boat as you this exact minute.

There are some people out there that can handle life’s obstacles relatively easy and there are some of us that aren’t that lucky and it takes a bit more than just a little bit of mental strength, and you know what? That’s okay. I’m gonna let you know how I deal with shit when things get kinda tough or life decides to punch me straight in the dick. It’s going to sound really simple, but I tell you what, it does me wonders.

So, lets just say I’ve had an ass of a day, from the get go everything has just decided to shit on me, and I’m just about at tipping point, you know what I do? Right, I tell myself “Right Callum, chill out and remember ‘Everything Happens for a Reason‘”. Sounds pretty fuckin straight forward doesn’t it? But I tell ya what.. It works wonders. Think about it for a second, think back to a time where something bad has happened, a bad break up or something like that right. Okay now that break up would have tought you a super valuable lesson without you even realising it and I can promise you that what you learnt from that breakup, you use subconsciously every day, even today. My theory (Well it’s not really my theory but it’s what I live by) is that it is all about perception and how you want to interpretate external stimuli. Something bad happens? Okay so what is dwelling on it going to do for this situation? Is it going to magically wind back time so I can fix what went wrong? Nope. So I may as well try to look at it as a life lesson or in a positive way. Learn from it. Adapt to it and overcome it. Don’t get me wrong, I do understand that it is way easier said than done. But just give it a shot, take a few breaths and tell yourself this was supposed to happen in order for something else to happen. Be positive.

I saw a quote not too long ago about life being like LEGO, and as you know, I fucking love LEGO, so naturally I love this quote.

“Life is like a scoopful of LEGO” 

Credit: Karen Salmonsohn.

Right, So as Karen says – Everyday we are handed a scoopful of LEGO (Being that external stimuli I was talking about before) and it is up to us as ‘Master Builders’ to build something out of those LEGO pieces we are handed. We wont always get pieces we want, and that is okay. But it is all about still being able to make something great out of what we have.

So try to think of it like that, every event of the day is a LEGO piece, want to build something shit? okay cool that’s up to you.. ORRRRRR do you want to build something awesome – like a cool spaceship or something? Yeah thats what I thought. definitely the cool spaceship, i fuckin love spaceships.

I want to know how you guys deal with your life obstacles, tell me what gets you by. I’d love to hear more!

– Callum

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