Fly Out Day Feels ⛏️✈️

How I cope with leaving home and flying back to work.

This post is a bit of a sad one,

Okay, so for those of you who have read my ‘About me’ post you will know that I work away. Over here we call it FIFO (Fly In – Fly Out). My roster is 2 weeks away and 1 week home and I have been doing this roster for just over a year now, believe me it does not get easier.

My whole life I have wanted to set myself up early. Ya know – Fall in love young, get married young, buy a house young, have kids young and travel with my little family. A lot of people my age can’t really comprehend my decisions and quite frankly i couldn’t give less of a fuck. The way i see it, if I can work my ass off while im young and with  little responsibilities, by the time im older I will be able to enjoy life and retire young. Besides, I’ve never been into the party scene or Contiki Tours or any of that, traveling with my wife and kids has always been my ultimate goal.

Anyway, My partner (Jessica, also known as Jessticles/Babe/oi/ or “hey where’s my phone”) left for work early this morning, this kind of makes the goodbyes a lot easier and I’ll probably only cry

myself a pond instead of a river, nah but it does help having a quick goodbye. So it’s about 10:15am and i’ll be getting picked up at about 12:30pm to make my flight at 2pm.

The worst thing about fly out day (apart from leaving home) is that I have to go to work as soon as I get to work. I’m up at 6am and once I land I go straight into night shift, which means I’m up for 24 hours and for someone who loves his sleep, IT FUCKING SUUUUUUUUCKS!

Fly out day is the day I usually question everything, like:


Do I really have to do this?

I’ve made enough now, surely i can leave.

Is it too late to break a leg and take some time off?

Is it worth the sacrifice? 

Am I doing the right thing?


Buuuuuut then I snap out of it and think about how much we will benefit in the long run. Since starting this job I have come to realise how mentally strong you need to be to be able to leave your family for long stints and it honestly worries me for when i have little ones. I mean, leaving my girlfriend makes me want to roll up into a little ball and sob for days! Imagine me with kids, fuck that.

Having a supportive parter helps so fucking much though,  I think its hard on me but it’s also hard for her when I leave, The best thing in the world is that we have the same goals and we are always on the same page with pretty much everything, I mean sometimes she’ll leave her empty coffee mugs on the coffee table, and her bobby pins all over the place, and books everywhere, I’m just kidding – Well I’m not, she does do all those things but I love her very much so it’s okay, plus that’s not what I mean anyway. Think bigger, House, Family, Marriage, Dogs, Holidays.. All of those things. She has my back with everything and honestly if it wasnt for her I don’t think I’d be able to cope with being away.

Heres a little timeline of my fly out day:

6am – First alarm goes off, gets snoozed about 43 times until I can be bothered opening                my eyes.

6:45am – Finally get my fat ass out of bed, Jess is always sitting on the couch reading her book and drinking a coffee so I’ll give her a kiss and say wassup. Then have my pre workout and grab my gym shit and say a quick goodbye so we don’t get sad about not seeing each other for 2 weeks (I’ll call her on her way to work too). Then it’s out the door by 7am and on my way to the gym

7:15am to 8:15am – Get swole AF at the gym, well try to anyway.. Despite the emotions of it being my last day kicking in.

8:15am – Drive home belting out some Evanescence to match the mood i’m in, you know the deal. Then get home and shower and do a bit of a last minute clean up.

9am – Head to the shops either by myself, or my mate will come over and hang out for my last couple of hours at home, this is good too. If I’m by myself the day kind of drags on so if I am having fun it’ll fly by, less time to be sad and miss home. So we’ll fuck around at the shops for a bit, get some last-minute essentials and go home and make an early lunch.

11:30am to 12:30pm – Our usual go to lunch is Subway, or if we aren’t feeling that then the next best thing is chicken and mayo rolls, with a side of Grainwaves of course (THE BEST). Once we’ve made lunch I’ll find the shittest thing I can find on the internet and ill put it on. Today it was some shocking paranormal movie – I lost a few brain cells but it was good company.

12;30pm – My Uber rocks up, not really an Uber – My darling mother arrives actually. She usually drops me off to the airport, which is good too. We get to have our little bonding session and keep each other updated on what’s going on in our lives. It’s the small things.

After that I pretty much get to the airport at about 1:40pm and I’m on the plane and headed to work by 2pm.

That’s my fly out day. It’s hard on the ol heart-strings but if it helps my family and I in the long run I am willing to make sacrifices. Plus I can book 2 weeks off work and i get a whole month off, which is great news.

I guess in a nutshell there really isn’t an easy way to cope with leaving the family for 2 weeks. I kind of just have to think about why I’m doing this, who I’m doing it for and that gets me through.. Oh ANNNNNDD having a bomb ass motherfucking gem for a partner that would do anything for us! Oh yeah, plus a lot of chocolate and facetime. Thank fuck for facetime, I’ll tell ya that much.

The reason I do it all

What do you do for work? Do you love what you do? What’s the biggest sacrifice you’ve had to make for yourself/family?

– Callum

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