Get Motivated!

Okay, So you’re lacking a bit of ‘oomf’ are ya?  

Is there something you really need to get done but you reallllllly just can’t be fucked? Or you saw some rockin bod on the internet and wish you looked like that but have that little voice in your head saying “ehhhh too much effort, where the cake at”? The ‘Cant be fucked’ attitude is pretty much universal, so you’re definitely not alone. I mean look at me, I have a drink sitting literally 3 feet away from me and I just keep staring at it, hoping it’ll just magically levitate into my hands… “Accio Agua”… Dammit, didn’t work.

The Main point of this post is to I guess persuade you into actually wanting to do that thing you’ve wanted to do but just not got around to actually committing to it. The Diet maybe? Getting up before work and going to the gym? Grabbing the cup of water that’s three feet away from you? 

Back in the day when I was training clients in the gym I’d see this every god damn mother fucking day. I shit you not the effort people would put into excuses to skip a session would take more effort than actually getting to the gym and working out. “Hey sorry Callum, can’t make it to our session today. My um, my pet goldfish got out and hid my gym clothes”. or the classic “Aw man I totally forgot about today’s session!” Oh did you? You mean the session I literally reminded you about this morning? Oh that one? yeah… 

If you’re one of those people who make excuses I’ll find you and I will rub chilli powder in your eye balls… But seriously, if you do this STOP.. Like now. Stop it right now. 

Studies show that it takes 66 Days to form a habit, so that’s what? Just over two months? When you think about it that’s not that bad, think about what you can accomplish in 2 months! Want to lose 5kgs? Boom 2 months and you’re there, and by the time you’ve reached that goal you will have already formed the new habit of being healthier and it wont feel like a task any more. 

Here’s a few ways i get my motivation, especially for working out. But you can use these techniques for everything really – Just remember it’s all about willpower and how much do you really want IT?


  • Sounds pretty straight forward doesn’t it. “Yeah thanks Callum… Thanks for that amazing tip..” For real though, spend about an hour looking for the most rhythmic tunes and the songs that get ya booty bouncing and your endorphins pumping, Then save them into a playlist called FUCKING GET IT. It’ll do wonders for you, trust me.

2. Prepare the Night Before

  • If you’re getting up for a workout early in the morning and you find it hard actually getting up in the morning regardless of the time, just go to sleep in your gym outfit – shoes and all… Joking, that’s not what i meant, i meaaaan if it works for you then do it. Not gonna lie i have considered it a few times.. But no, what I’m getting at isssssss – make sure you have everything all packed and ready to go, so you can can wake up, get out of bed, chuck your outfit on, grab your bag and leave before you can convince yourself the extra 30 minutes of sleep will be better for you. You’ll be surprised how good you’ll feel after working out before work!
  • This tip also helps if you’re dieting, spend Sunday night prepping your meals for the week, it takes no longer than 2 hours and will save you time and money during the week! 

3. Photo’s

  • This tip is again for working out and dieting really but hey, who doesn’t like taking selfies? Make a folder on your phone or laptop (Private if you want) and once a week take a ‘body shot’ (Front view and side view), Save it and label it. One thing i can promise you is that you wont feel like you’re losing weight or making quality gains even when you are, and this is because you see your body every day. So by taking these photos you will be able to track your progress, ill show you what i mean at the end. I didn’t feel any different to when i started my ‘8 week challenge’ but after looking at my before and after photo’s there was quite a significant change. 
Screen Shot 2019-03-12 at 5.03.50 pm.png
6 Weeks Between Photos. Sept 30 – Nov 30 2017. Check out my Instagram for proof!

4. Goal buddy/Fitness buddy

  • This one is super important and will probably surprise you how much of an impact it will actually have on your willpower and motivation. I mean unless you’re some sort of monster that is – the average human will feel guilty for letting their buddy down, So even if you really can’t be bothered getting up to go to the gym, you’ll feel like a bag of shit for blowing your friend off. BOOM life hack. 


So there you have it. These tips may seem super basic but if you can 100% commit to something and put your everything into it I promise you, you will be able to achieve it. It’s all about how much you want it and how hard you’re willing to work for it. Now you’ve read the post you better fucking be thinking for motivation songs and texting your friend to get up early for the gym tomorrow… 

How do you stay motivated?

–  Callum


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