Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse

Righto people,

Picture this – It’s the year 2023, there’s been this virus going around for the last few months and everyone has just assumed that it’s that mild ebola that was hyped up a few years ago so you don’t really give a shit. Aaaanyway, you get home from work (it was a long day so you couldn’t be bothered cooking so you grabbed some Chinese on the way home) and slump yourself on the couch and turn the TV on before you start scoffing your satay beef down…

BREAKING NEWS: Man considered dead for 5 days back from the ‘dead’?

Yeahhhhhhhh right… Classic media talking classic shit..

– 3 Months Later –

Alright so despite that horribly written back story here we are… The zombie apocalypse is real. Now what? Where do you go? What do you do? How do you survive? After I explain how i’d survive I want to hear from you, tell me what you’d do differently or the same or even if my survival technique is fucking stupid.

– How I’d Survive –

First things first I’m gonna need supplies, keep in mind this is all if I was by myself. I’m not going to head straight to a major shopping mall because I can guarantee theres a whole heap of zombies waiting for me there. So I’m heading to the small stores, ones where I can grab medical supplies, weapons, long lasting food supplies etc. Enough shit that will keep me alive and only items I’ll need.. so only 3 toys. Once my car is loaded up with the essentials and I’ve got enough fuel to last me, It’s time to hit the road. Now, where am I headed? I guess this depends on my choices, do I wanna find more people and build a team? or do I want to do this by myself? For this case let’s just say I’m gonna ride solo for a while, if I don’t get mauled by the dead maybe next apocalypse I’ll build an alliance. But for now no.

Time to find some high ground, this will give me a good view of whats below. Now on the way to my final destination I’m going to bury care packages in the ground for emergencies – ya know, if I have to leave the main camp zone or something, while doing this I’m also going to set some proximity traps just so I can see if the zombies are In the area. So the care packages have been dropped and the traps have been set and I’ve now reached my destination. Time to set up my HQ. The location I’ve chosen is an old abandoned home up on the hills, mainly for the big prison-like fence around the perimeter. Once I’ve pretty much unloaded the car and what not I’d set a few more traps for extra precaution, my luck the fucking things can fly…

Once everything is all sorted I guess I’d try figure out what the fuck the deal is, try collect blood samples from the infected and basically try to stay alive. I wouldn’t stay in the same location for too long incase something goes wrong. But I’d eventually head out in search for others to find out if they know whats going on or if there is a cure or some shit. But yeah, I’d also have a bit of fun with it too, nothing wrong with a bit of zombie hunting here and there, might even keep one as a pet.

– END-

Annnnnnywho, thats my long story short on how I’d survive. Well try to survive anyway. I’m a bit of a potato so I wouldn’t even survive the first day of the outbreak. I’d probably end up falling into my own trap.

What Would you do different?

What would you do the same?

Are my ideas stupid?

How would you survive?

1 thought on “Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse

  1. Full gnarly my dude, love this! Just curious why you would collect blood samples from the dead? Are you a scientist? Do you have a lab? Tell me more!

    What weapons would you search for? Myself I’m from Kansas City and I’d stock up on AR-15 and Glock rounds.

    High ground is essential, great points! Keen to hear more!

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